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You just can't help but fall in love with these incredible cats ... 


Annie and Alice :)

I just wanted to share how much I love my Annie kitty. She is such a sweet girl. Alice has always been the family cat and while Annie does like everyone I swear she loves me ( probably because I feed her). I love rubbing her belly while she is on her back in my arms and she gently knits my face with her ...

1. Colors we breed.


We breed British Shorthair kittens in rare Black Silver Shaded (Black Tipped), Black Golden Shaded and ...

2. When kitten is ready to go to his new home.

Our kittens are ready for a new home when they are at least 10-12 weeks old. If you need to wait for... 

Here you can see information about care, grooming, dry food, balanced diet, litter boxes, vitamin supplement, cat houses and trees, toys.... etc. Including where we buy all the products and how we use them. If you found some new and good products for our feline friends, we would love you to share this info with us...

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