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Welcome to Feliland Cattery. We are very happy that you could become a part of our big family. We are all different and we might not even know each other very well, but we have one important thing in common... Our Love & Passion for British Shorthair Kittens :) 


Here you can see information about care, grooming, dry food, balanced diet, litter boxes, vitamin supplement, cat houses and trees, toys.... etc. Including where we buy all the products and how we use them. If you found some new and good products for our feline friends, we would love you to share this info with us. We are not sharing this information with everyone... just with close family members :) If you ever have any questions or need more information please give us a call or email us any time, it will be our pleasure to talk with you :)
Also, as a breeder we can only give you an advice and a suggestion on how to take care of your new family member. We know you will do your best and love your kitty unconditionally



All our kittens are healthy without any health problems and it’s important to keep it this way. Well balanced diet is very important. Kittens should be fed 4-5 times a day; an adult cat (from about 7-8 months of age, but you will see for yourself) 2-3 times a day. Water should be available to kitten/cat all the time. Please use a ceramic bowls or special products for dry food or water, NO plastic or disposable plates please . And if you see that he is hungry please give him more, he will not gain weight from this diet. Please do not give only one brand try to do a rotation at least every 2-3 small bags. They are getting used to certain brand and then later if that brand/kind of dry/canned food gets discontinued you will face a problem :)) Also Dr Hills Science diet buy at your veterinarian office if available. We tried to buy once from Retail Store... it was cheaper but 4 of our cats got allergy. You will see below Felidae dry and canned food. It is “All Stages” meaning it is good for kitten and cat but sometimes it is hard to find. We are buying at PetCo Store. Purina One canned food also is “All life Stages” and is good for kittens and adults up to 6 years old. If you decided to make change for dry/canned food please do it one brand/kind at a time. If your kitten develops allergy at least you will know from what exactly. Allergy can have different symptoms like red eyes with or without clear discharge, running nose, and the most common is rash on the head between the ears and swallow paws/feet. Stop using new product right away. If kitten develops allergy it can become chronic there is a shot available at the vet office against the allergy. 




  Dr HillsScience Diet Healthy             Purina One Smart Blend               Blue Wilderness Kitten               Iams ProActive Health

      development Original  

                      Iams ProActive Health Kitten                       Blue Wilderness Kitten         Dr Hills Science Diet Healthy Development Kitten


You can use any flavor for canned or dry food food. Please do not use anything with Gravy and also

mix canned food with a little bit of warm water. British like their food warm.



Dr HillsScience Diet Oprimal Care      Purina One Smart Blend                  Blue Wilderness Adult              Iams ProActive Health Adult 

     Iams ProActive Health Adult                                       Blue Wilderness Adult                       Dr Hills Science Diet Optimal Care Adult


Prefrozen Meats, Seafood. 

Homemade cooked and raw canned food recipes.

Dairy Products.

Daily Menu for Kittens and Adults.

Cat Trees, Cat Houses and Scratchers.

LItter and Litter Boxes.

Grooming and Eye Care.

Around the House.

Vitamins, Immune System, Flea and Worm Control.

What to have and to do when Kitten arrives.



If you are interested, you can download a full copy of "Kitten Care" file below.

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