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Breed: British Shorthair
Color: Black Golden Shaded / BRI ny 11
Date of Birth: December 1, 2012
Place of Birth: D'Oaxaca Cattery, Moers Germany
Father: Black Silver Shaded / BRI ns 11
International Champion Phelan Pelayo Gatto de Rey
Mother: Black Golden Shaded / BRI ny 11
International Champion Duquesa Rubia D'Oaxaca
Breeder Angelika Niesel - Owner Olga Davis


Grand Champion Gold Rebel D'Oaxaca Feliland

Maybach Gold Oksland*RU Feliland



Breed: British Shorthair
Color: Black Golden Shaded Point / BRI ny 11 33
Date of Birth: February 10, 2016
Place of Birth: Oksland Cattery, Moscow Russia
Father: International Champion Tomas GoldenBri
            Black Golden Shaded Point / BRI ny 11 33
Mother: Champion Rare Color Gloria
              Black Golden Ticked / BRI ny 25
Breeder Oksana Zotova 
Owner   Olga Davis


Champion Winston Churchill SnowQueen Feliland


Breed: British Shorthair
Color: Blue Silver Lynx Point / BRI as 21 33
Date of Birth: August 9, 2012
Place of Birth: SnowQueen Cattery, Moscow Russia
Father: Black Silver Shaded / BRI ns 11
Grand International Champion Silver Joshua vom Goldenen Winkel
Mother: Black Silver Shaded Point / BRI ns 11 33
Bella Snow Cat of SnowQueen
Breeder Svetlana Vasil'eva - Owner Olga Davis


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