Testimonials... What people say about our British Shorthair cats and kittens :) 

Feliland Cattery British Shorthair Cats
Annie and Alice :)
I just wanted to share how much I love my Annie kitty. She is such a sweet girl. Alice has always been the family cat and while Annie does like everyone I swear she loves me ( probably because I feed her). I love rubbing her belly while she is on her back in my arms and she gently knits my face with her paws. Thanks again.
Michael And Emily, Syracuse New York
Feliland Cattery British Shorthair Cats
Summer (and the entire family) are enjoying Delilah so much.  She is adjusting really well and is far exceeding everything we had hoped for.  So glad we found her. I must say she is totally spoiled but we love spoiling her!
Kathy and Summer, Malibu California
Feliland Cattery British Shorthair Cats
Dear Anna and Olga,
It is Saturday and we have had Teddy only 3 days and our lives are forever changed.  His personality is unconditional love and he has won over my two Cavilers today.   They were all sleeping on our bed today.  When they finally all got together on the floor .... Teddy walks up to Duncan rolls on his back and licks his feet.  Duncan's eyes changed...he fell in love with him...the bond began today.  You could actually see it happening. Winston is a little slower but he got his feet licked too.    To say he is amazing is truly not enough.   I am in awe at his manners....I know you have worked hard teaching him.   Everything about Teddy is just stunning.   We are so grateful to you and just want to thank you for this precious creature.   I am so glad I get to love and care for this beautiful cat. 

Love to you and your precious girls,
D J and Kirby, Atlanta Georgia
Feliland Cattery British Shorthair Cats
Phoebe and Sophie
Anna and Olga,
Thank you for two gorgeous ladies Phoebe and Sophie :) Everyone is in love with them and they are such a joy to have. Your cats are amazing ...
Cathy, Ft Myers Florida
Feliland Cattery British Shorthair Cats
Princess Claire
Dear Ladies: 
The last month and 1/2 have just flown with Princess Claire who is the apple of my eye and knows it.  She is growing so well and so beautifully.  The black tips on her coat are distinctive and her tail is so fluffy.
A very happy kitten who loves to eat.  She often sports a round belly after digging into whatever she can get her paws on (including pushing on my plate to bring it to her level). She and Pink 2 months older love homemade food. Did I say how gorgeous she is yet?  
Thank you for all of the advice ladies and spending so many hours with me, Olga. With summer closing and kids back in school, I am hoping that you will both have a little rest.  I look forward to seeing new litter pictures on the web.
Dear Ladies, love chatting with you too.  Hope all is well.
Kathrine, St Louis MO